Class Times

Private Dog Training Sessions

Group training classes may not be the right environment for you or your needs.
Private lessons are offered in your home environment.


Class fees are payable on a term basis for group tuition. Please contact Karen for further information:
082 472 4900 or stardogschool@gmail.com or info@stardogschool.co.za



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Classes Offered

Foundation Level

  • Walk on lead
  • Recall
  • Sit in front and go to heel
  • 30 second sit and down stay,
  • Sit, down stand
  • Examine and groom
  • Give and take


  • Heel work – 2 seconds of eye contact, add patterns
  • Come and Leash up Manners – call from 10 m – attach lead
  • Meet and greet – dog in sit or down, approach and ask if can touch and treat
  • Leave it – walk by 3 items
  • Stay – 1 min.
  • Stay while talking to evaluator.



  • Walk through door
  • Wait in the car
  • Pass by other dogs
  • Come and leash up manners – 20 m
  • Sit, down, stand – 3 m distance
  • Loose lead walking and leave it – 2 food bowls
  • Stay – 2 mins
  • Settle – dog sit or down with owner next to them
  • Play and settle on and off lead


  • Loose lead walking – with unsteady object in hand for 5 m, enters through door
  • Back up – back up 2m
  • Stay – 5 mins while student places unsteady object on a chair
  • Come and leash up manners 30 m with distractions in between
  • Meet and greet – person gently pets dog’s head, ears and back
  • Table manners – dog in down stay while student and tester eat a snack at a table for 1 min
  • Do you really know sit, down stand?


  • Exercises from the previous levels done off lead.
  • Directions
  • Scent work

How do the levels classes work?

You can start the level classes at any time. Although there are goals to achieve each level, you can move through the levels at your own pace. There is no pressure to achieve the levels in a set amount of time, and you don’t have to start the class over if your dog isn’t ready to move on.

Fees are charged per term. If you want to start training in the middle of a term, you are welcome, we will simply pro-rate the term fee.







Areas Serviced: Sunningill, Buccleuch, Woodmead, Sandton, Gallo Manor, Paulshof

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